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30 minute Reiki session

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Reiki is a type of energy healing which originated in Japan. Modern day reiki was developed by Reiki Master Mikao Usui. The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese words “rei” meaning "universal", and “ki” meaning "life energy". Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner uses chakra points in their palms to move stagnating energy from the client's energy field. Much like acupuncture and acupressure Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to . According to the anecdotal (non-medicinal) principals of Reiki, improving the flow of energy around the body can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. In this unique session, Reiki energy work is applied by the practitioner in combination with singing bowl sound healing techniques to free the body and mind from energy blockages.

Contact Details

  • 6787725752

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